Justin Zappulla, Managing Partner and Co-Author

Justin Zappulla’s career has been highlighted by remarkable performance in sales, sales management and sales operations.  Along the way, he has made a rapid climb from sales to corporate leadership positions and into sales performance consulting roles. Today Justin, Managing Partner at Janek Performance Group, is considered one of the top authorities and thought leaders in corporate sales strategy and sales performance improvement.

Justin began his work at Janek Performance Group working face-to-face with a global clientele across a variety of industries and business segments including technology, finance, insurance, healthcare, consumer goods and manufacturing. With extensive sales consulting, training and coaching expertise, he has worked with hundreds of companies to develop and implement strategic sales performance solutions and has trained and coached over 15,000 sales and sales management professionals worldwide.

Justin is an active member and supporter of several sales and learning communities such as the Association for Talent Development and participates in both the Chief Learning Officer Business Intelligence and Human Capital Executive Research Boards. Justin was a key contributor to the popular sales book, Mastering the World of Selling and as an often-quoted authority on sales and sales management practices, Justin has widely been recognized as one of the biggest names in sales.

Previously, Justin served as the International, Director of Sales for the largest, privately held Telecommunications Company in North America. In that role, he was responsible for B2B and B2C sales efforts and was a key player in launching and supporting the company’s two international telesales centers in Egypt and the Philippines.

Justin brings a drive and focus to everything he does, whether he’s in the boardroom or on the golf course. A native of Las Vegas, Nevada, Justin lives with his two daughters, Alaina and Aubrey. Justin has deep connections to his community, which he has seen grow into one of the world’s most vibrant cities.

You don’t need to be a ‘born salesperson’ to be successful in sales. It’s not a set of inborn skills that drives success; its specific acquirable skills and behaviors. It’s being able to connect with a wide variety of people through strong communication, planning, thinking, and problem solving skills. I firmly believe these skills can be taught, coached and performed.
— Justin Zappulla, Managing Partner