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How Top Performers Accelerate the Sales Process and Close More Deals

Critical Selling is a dynamic and powerful guide for transforming your sales approach and outperforming your competition. Based on Janek Performance Group's award-winning sales training program, Critical Selling, this turnkey performance booster brings you up close to top performers practicing the Critical Selling Skills methodology to accelerate the sales process, close more deals, and build credibility with customers while developing lasting, profitable relationships.

By fine-tuning your sales approach with Critical Selling, you can achieve a more impressive sales record and bring more value to your customers time and again.

Available now from Wiley Books: Critical Selling: How Top Performers Accelerate the Sales Process and Close More Deals by Nick Kane and Justin Zappulla.

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What Experts Are Saying About Critical Selling

Gerhard Gschwandtner
Founder & CEO
Selling Power Magazine

After diligently researching the top performing salespeople and studying their sales behaviors in a rapidly changing environment, the authors have created a state of the art blueprint that leads to greater sales success. The book recognizes that buying has changed in fundamental ways and salespeople that adapt faster will own the future.

Jeffrey Krueger
Director, Loan Operations
Discover Financial Services

After implementing the authors’ Critical Selling model within our sales organization, the results were profound! Within a short period of time, we had created a new sales culture, leading to an enhanced customer experience, increased employee satisfaction, and millions of dollars in additional revenue. I highly recommend this book!

Peter Ostrow
VP Sales Effectiveness
Aberdeen Group

Anyone who thinks modern selling still involves a 20th century ‘sales cycle’ needs to learn the lessons of this book, particularly Chapter 6. It’s a ‘buyer’s journey’ today, and the spoils of modern business warfare accrue fastest to sales leaders willing to adapt to the tidal shifts in power, data, and influence that now dictate how we have to sell.

Lisa Pearne
VP of Sales
California Casualty

If you want to take your sales performance to the next level, this is the book for you! It truly opened our eyes and challenged our staff to rethink our sales approach to the ever-changing marketplace. Critical Selling is packed with research based tips from top performers and real life strategies that work. It helped create a consistent customer-focused experience across our organization, positively impacting our overall sales results. We could not be happier!

Xavi Ruiz Sena
EVP of Finance
Santander Bank

Justin Zappulla and Janek Performance Group have been Santander Bank partners for years. Our Corporate Banking senior sales team was trained on the Critical Selling program and it immediately drove real results. The contents in this book have been able to deliver that special ‘click” to our team here at Santander Bank in a recurrent basis which is something unique in a time of broad brush approach.

Brad Hice
Manager, Sales Training
Daimler Trucks

As the sales landscape has evolved, so too have the needs of our customers. The methods, research and strategies provided in this book have given our sales organization the tools they need in today’s market to create a positive customer experience, grow relationships and improve conversion rates. If you are looking to increase sales, I would recommend this book to any salesperson, sales manager or executive!